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Latest stories

Lily Meola | Daydream

Enjoy the latest musical release from RVCA family member Lily Meola& stay tuned for big things coming soon!
"I wrote this song at a time in my life when things were pretty beautiful, I was living in a house surrounded by


Everyday living on the 7 mile stretch.
Introducing our Hawaii 2021 surf edit featuring RVCA surf advocates Barron Mamiya, Noah Beschen, Billy Kemper and Makana Pang.
Music by Alec Meza
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RVCA Women's | Meet Keani

Meet Keani Canullo, a Waikiki local with a killer cutback and a heart of Hawai’ian gold. Whether she’s hanging ten or hanging with her crew, Keani is the quintessential RVCA woman after our own salty hearts. Get to know t

Earth Day | RVCA Re:Purpose

Reduce. Reuse. Re: Purpose.
At RVCA, we believe our purpose is to create a platform for pushing the boundaries of art, music, fashion, and lifestyle. Because at the intersection of all these things lies the power to shape humanity, shift perspectives, and change the world. It’s a tall order, b