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Smith Street Tattoo | Collection BBQ

RVCA is proud to present its inaugural clothing collection with the world-renowned Smith Street Tattoo Parlour. SSTP was founded in 2008 by ANP Artist, Bert Krak and Steve Boltz - located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY. The SSTP crew is made up of legendary traditional American tattoo artists: Bert

Tom Gerrard Exhibition | Through My Eyes

RVCA Special Edition Artist Tom Gerrard recently travelled to Tokyo and opened ‘Through My Eyes’ at the RVCA Upstairs Gallery Tokyo. Australian artist Tom Gerrard explores his surroundings through his daily drawings in his passport sizes sketchbooks. In his first ever Japanese exhibition


warning: the following artwork exhibited contains content for mature audiences only. viewer discretion is advised.
May 11, 2018 was the opening reception for Porous Walker's exhibition located at VASF, the RVCA Flagship Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The show was curated by Yong-Ki Chang of Equal

Meet the Artist | Luke Pelletier

RVCA is glad to work with Los Angeles - based artist Luke Pelletier for our latest RVCA Platform tee and more projects to come. Luke grew up in western North Carolina and graduated with a BFA in fine art from SAIC in 2015. Much of Luke's art blurs the lines between celebrating and condemning a c

Teen Angels | The Exhibition

RVCA was glad to support 'Teen Angels', the Exhibition this past weekend at the LA Art Book Fair. Highlighting the work of Teen Angel and the magazine he created, the exhibition was a hit for many in attendance, especially those inspired and invested in Lowrider and Cholo Culture from the 80

Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center | Alex Knost

The Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, a project developed by RVCA Advocate Alex Knost and Daniella Murphy, will be opening up this Saturday from 6-9pm with an exhibition by Justin Adams titled 'Dancing Baby'. About the CMCAC:
Contemporary cities are witho