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RVCA Uluwatu

RVCA is proud to announce the recent opening of its third Indonesian retail concept space in Uluwatu, Bali on Jalan Labuansait. This marks an exciting accomplishment for the brand opening its first concept space in the Bukit region of Bali.


The store represents the brand ethos of ‘The Balance Of Opposites’ by utilizing a variety of local materials, textures and plant life throughout the store while holding true to the brand aesthetic including customized chevron breeze blocks that cover the facade of the store. Other subtle callouts to the diversity of the brand are displayed throughout the space in the form of varied pieces of ephemera that speak to the brand's inclusion & authenticity in the Surf, Skate, Art and MMA subcultures.


Both the facade and interior of the store feature artwork by Australian contemporary artist Elliott Routledge, whose work exists in a balance between expressive mark-making and abstract form.












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