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Christian Fletcher | Urban Suburban Japan



Urban Ingredients


1 Art show4 Parties 
14 Pack of Marlboro Light 
15 Hi-Chu (Japanese Candy)
23 Meters of Soba noodle
1 Useful Japanese lesson book
1 Useless Japanese lesson book (contain only bad words)
8 Beers 
4 Big Mac without sauce and cheese
2 Oz of Wasabi 

3 Tuna Bowls 
135 Autographs 
4 Instagram upload
2 Domestic Flight
3 Train commute from Shonan to Tokyo 
5 Small to Medium size surf session at Shonan
12 Kilometers bicycle ride 
6 New friends 
538 Smiles (approximately)
And other miscellaneous not be mentioned. 



Music from Body&Soul Tokyo 2013. and Tokyo Mirror Ball Disco by Akira Jet Nakaura



Suburban Ingredients

1 New surf spot (Fletcher's  Special)
2 Typhoons
1 Parties 
1 Full Moon 
8 Pack of Marlboro Light
11 Fresh choked fried chicken 
14 Tempura Shrimp rice balls. 
19 Original Aerials 
16 Barrels 
150 Kilometers drive
1 Instagram upload 
3 Hour stuck at gas station 
1 Missing person (returned next day) 
1 Tarzan jungle jump with Zombi style 
34 Autographs
3 New friends 
235 Smiles (approximately) 
Also other miscellaneous not be mentioned. 


Music from CANNIBAL CORPSE and Treasure Isle Label