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Q&A with PM Tenore

On 9/9/14 we held a Q&A with RVCA Founder PM Tenore on Instagram. There was a wide range of questions, from serious to silly, but all were thoughtfully crafted. Thanks to everyone who participated, we enjoyed answering them all and hope we didn't miss any.

The winning question goes to @skater_12345678 - this is for everyone out there wondering "What is RVCA"?

Q: why did you name the brand RVCA ? 
A: because of the chevrons: VΛ || it represents the "balance of opposites" || RVCA is just an ambiguous name to support the VΛ : ) and message || thank you --->

Read more for the full list of questions and answers...

Q: How did the vision of "A balance of opposites" come about? Also will there be any open opportunities for internships?
A: my favorite philosopher is bruce lee and his influence was a big part of the VΛ "balance of opposites" || for job inquiries please email || thank you --->


Q: how long did it take to grow your hair/facial hair and what hair products do you use?
A: wow || I grow my hair and cut my hair pretty often || I cut my hair short every so often and it takes a few years to grow back || i think its time for a haircut soon : ) my favorite product is the salt water from the ocean : ) || VΛ --->

Q: how do you feel when people pronounce the name of your company wrong? And how do you go about explaining to them it's not R-V-C-A?
A: its any way that works for you || RVCA is an ambiguous name for the chevrons VΛ || supporting the "balance of opposites" || thank you --->

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment and/or failure?
A: life itself and finding happiness || those can be both be your biggest accomplishments or failures || balance : ) --->

Q: What is one lesson you wish you would have learned sooner?
A: balance || not to get caught up and lose focus of what is important in life || family friends relevance and happiness || always try and help others when able || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What does RVCA means and why should I support you brand?
A: RVCA stands for VΛ "the balance of opposites" || you should support any brand you feel share some of the same ideologies as yourself || VΛ thank you --->

Q: When you think about life, what can you envision for yourself, your family, friends, strangers, and followers as they continue to embrace rvca about 10 years from now ?
A: thats a tough one || life is a balance and we are all in it together - i try and not future trip to hard || try and keep it simple and be happy || thank you : ) VΛ --->

Q: what/whom inspired you to establish RVCA and what/whom continues to inspire you today?
A: at the time RVCA started our industry inspired me || filled with youth getting involved with surfing skating music art and snowboarding || that was my inspiration || to do what you love || when you work super hard don't lose focus on your dream but remember - be happy : ) VΛ --->

Q: If you could do anything else in this world what would it be?
A: be a better companion friend and partner to my wife || VΛ || balance --->

Q: What are 3 things you cant live without?
A: family health and happiness --->

Q: When will RVCA be opening a online store for the UK and Europe?
A: mid november || RVCA Europe should be up and running : ) || thank you VΛ --->

Q: What sparked your idea to bring together the balance of opposites in your clothing?
A: bruce lee and his philosophy || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What would you consider the defining moment when you knew you were a success?
A: shoyoroll ichiban gi || bear knows || @shoyoroll x @rvca || VΛ : ) --->

Q: Before creating @rvca you opened a small boutique when you were 19, did you feel that getting out there and testing yourself and your talent was well worth it, and what did you learn about business and about yourself? How come you had people trade you items they owned for items in your store?
A: those were the garage days and my first hand education on how to follow my passion with design and become a business person || wasn't easy wasn't glamorous but when you follow your passion and not take no for an answer || thank you VΛ --->

Q: Hi Pat, who was your biggest supporter(s) when you were building your brand? It would be great if you shared how they supported you in the process.
A: my family || supportive in letting me pursue my vision and dream || thank you nicole || VΛ --->

Q: Hey @pmtenore Im an artist and I love surfing I wanna get my art onto boards in Hawaii, how do we make this happen?
A: put yourself out there and get involved : ) call your local shaper and do some for the love and passion || see where it takes you from there || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Whats one thing you still hope to accomplish with your brand?
A: establishing the artist network program || keep it original : ) thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What's one thing you hope to pass on to your kids and their generation?
A: to find happiness and balance || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: vanilla || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Along RVCA's journey to one of the greatest surf companies out there what have been some of your favorite moments?
A: biggest accomplishment would be meeting amazing humans and building relationships and friendships || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Did you grow up surfing, body boarding, bodysurfing?
A: surfing || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: How often do you train BJJ? What rank are you and who awarded you your belt?
A: don't train as much as I should || carlson gracie allan goes || hold a black belt in BJJ || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: what was your biggest inspiration behind the creation of the RVCA brand?
A: bruce lee and how not to segregate traditional culture || do what you feel is right || artist network program, mma, skating, surfing, it's all good || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What made you the person you are today?
A: my wife, 3 children & friends || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What was your single most motivation to launch RVCA back in 2001? And your hardest obstacle?
A: birth of my first son Joseph || balancing work & family || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What would be your advice for someone wanting to start their own awesome brand?
A: you can't substitute hard work || follow your vision || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Which one of your cats is the better "grappler" ?
A: sakuraba all day || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What made you decide to invest so much into the @mendesbros so early on?
A: they're always good people || when they were younger they'd stay at my house helping my kids with their home work || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: The imperative movement of RVCA has always been the "Balance of Opposites." What are some of the most important factors that you have faced in creating synergy and cooperation between the business and industry side of the company, and the side that represents community and family?
A: always done things organically and with integrity and it seems to work out || thank you brett || VΛ --->

Q: Are you proud to be Filipino?
A: 100% || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: I have been having trouble finding my motivation lately, what made you get the fuck out of bed every morning? where did you go/what did you do, or who/what did you think about to find the drive, inspiration, and motivation to get you where you are today?
A: sometimes its hard || you sacrifice personal time, time with family and things || it's part of being responsible, letting go of instant pleasures for future gains || great question Drigo thank you || VΛ --->

Q: If I walked right up to you handing you $10,000,000 what's the first 3 things you would spend on/do with that money??
A: all things would be community based || get a rec center to help kids without supportive families || it all starts with our youth || put in a culture & educational center || then an art gallery || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Is there an experience or person that drives your success today?
A: my family and the community at RVCA || individuals that appreciate what we create and are also part of our RVCA community || we are all in this together || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: How is RVCA able to harmonize all of your inspirations so well to create such a successful brand? Do you have any advice for somebody trying to become a part of the RVCA family? What's your favorite animal?
A: through the "balance of opposites" || vision and people build a brand || involving community || doing things that are organic and relevant || everything at RVCA happens organically || you never know - we could cross paths one day || stick with your passion || favorite animal is an octopus || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: Of all the great inspirations and humble souls you have had the opportunity to work with. Who was or were the most inspiring to you and to the future generations?
A: bj penn vitor belfort barry mcgee david choe mendes brothers christian fletcher ed templeton || there are so many i couldn't start - everyone has had an impact on me - thats what makes me and RVCA what we are || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: What do you think of U2 giving away their album to 500 Million ITunes Users?
A: thats amazing || i knew i liked that band || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: To you, do you think "success" is a goal to attain or a way of life?
A: i think success comes in many different areas and is something you want to strive for || lifestyle or goal driven - either way || my current goal is to appreciate everything and everyone in my life and to be happy || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: My only question is what advise do you have for a 10 year old kid that wants to do something big for sk8ing?
A: have fun and don't sweat the small stuff || do it for the love || good luck || VΛ --->

A: thank you || VΛ : ) --->

Q: Many people love the idea of living with no regrets, that said what is something that you have regretted doing and one thing that you regret not doing?
A: regrets are history right || stay focused on the future : ) thank you || VΛ --->

Q: How do you get your inspiration for designing this amazing brand?
A: people and community || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: why did you name the brand RVCA ?
A: because of the chevrons: VΛ || it represents the "balance of opposites" || RVCA is just an ambiguous name to support the VΛ : ) and message || thank you --->

Q: Who is your opposite?
A: good question : ) at RVCA it would be our Global Manager Bill Bettencourt || together we are a balance and it works great and i appreciate him for being opposite of me || thank you || VΛ ---->

Q: Being the founder of such a big company, how do you wish to grow it and expand it more?
A: just do what we do and try and make it better every round while making it fun and happy || thats all you can ask for || thank you || VΛ --->

Q: When you started RVCA, what influence did you intend to have in the lives of the people you were selling it to? In other words, what's your message? And how hard is it to put your hair in that bun?
A: with the artist network program we always wanted to involve community and charity || with RVCA it has always been a platform for everyone we work with and the community || its been good || the bun is easy and doesn't get caught in my gi - real quick || thank you || VΛ --->