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caraVAn | Australia

In a fleet of brightly-colored Jeeps filled with surfboards, skateboards, music equipment, art supplies and crates of Carlton Dry, the RVCA Caravan made its way from Byron Bay to Sydney. It was a two week adventure that brought together a group of multifaceted RVCA advocates to inspire each other creatively and just go where the wind blows. The Caravan was loose, and the crew was an eclectic and eccentric group of RVCA advocates who don't normally find themselves on the same program: surfers Alex Knost, Makua Rothman, Ford Archbold, Ellis Ericson and Dino Adrian; skaters Josh Harmony, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Julian Davidson; artists Kelsey Brookes, Dmote, Benjamin Jean Jean and Mark Alsweiler; womens advocates Ashley Smith and Margaux Aaramon Tucoo. Everyone coming together from different backgrounds and various places in the world to share their passion for life, adventure, art and music.