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Q&A is a chance to sit down with RVCA advocates & get a behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

In the latest installment of RVCA Q&A, we get to know ANP artist and San Franciscan, Ben Venom. Ben’s work is comprised of what he describes as a “collision between fine art craft and… the fringes of society”, taking shape in the form of functional pieces of art. Ben graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Master of Fine Art degree and his work has been shown both nationally & internationally. Shop the complete RVCA x Ben Venom collection at RVCA.com.

In this episode, we visit Kevin "Spanky" Long at his home in Los Angeles and take a look inside his world of skate, art and travel. From spending the majority of his professional career with RVCA to traveling the globe, get to know what it means to Spanky to be a pro skater.

In this latest installment, we step into the ring with Light Flyweight Boxing Champion Seniesa Estrada. With multiple national championship titles to her name, as well as two Junior Olympic National Titles and a current 16-0 record (including 7 KO’s), it’s easy to see that Seniesa was born to box. From a young age, she made it known that she wanted to be in the ring, and winning her first fight shortly after was just the beginning. Seniesa is now known to be one of the heaviest-hitting and most promising female fighters in the sport. 

In this episode, RVCA Women’s and Surf advocate Sage Erickson talks about what it was like growing up in the California country and being uprooted at a young age. She also shares her experience entering the surf world later than most, rising to become a U.S. Open of Surfing champion as well as what it’s like working with brands that value strength over beauty and individuality over conformity. Watch as this California Girl takes us on a locals tour of her Central Coast hometown and gives us an inside look into her grounded and grateful life, in the latest installment of RVCA Q&A.

In this Q&A, RVCA Skate advocate Julian Davidson runs us through what a typical day in his life looks like, as well as his experience getting sponsored at a young age, traveling the world and recently moving to Costa Mesa, CA.

In this episode, we follow Hawaiian surf photographer Zak Noyle through his daily regimen, which includes early-morning wake-up calls, workouts, recovery and wave checks at Sandy Beach. On this particular day, Zak is also the focus of a celebratory event at the Beachcomber Hotel in his home city of Honolulu, where his photos are featured large-scale in 200 of the expertly-appointed guest rooms. Zak also discusses what originally inspired him to pursue photography, how he overcomes fear of big waves, as well as what inspires him to give back.

In this RVCA Q&A, North Shore up-and-comer Noah Beschen shares his views on everything from what it was like being raised by a professional surfer father, to the pros and cons of social media, as well as his zen approach to household chores. 


In this episode of Q&A, ANDREW REYNOLDS talks about discovering skateboarding at a young age, a typical day in the life in North Hollywood, meeting and traveling with other RVCA advocates as well as his philosophy on showing love to everybody and going with the flow of life.

Kristen Liu Wong is a Los Angeles-based painter and illustrator who draws her inspiration from many sources, ranging from cartoons to traditional Japanese and Egyptian styles of art. Take a look inside Kristen’s home studio and learn about the dichotomous relationship between the dark subject matter which frequents her work, and the fluorescent coloring with which it is expressed.

In this Q&A, Luke Davis details what a typical day in his life looks like, as well as where his surfing career has taken him — and where it all began.