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Chito Vera | UFC 252

Saturday August 15th, 2020
Chito Vera, an Ecuadorian Mixed Martial Artist who competes in the Bantamweight Division of the UFC, gets the first round TKO finish in the CO-Main Event bout at UFC 252. Congratulations Chito, hard work pays off!
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A Note to Our Community

Note to Our Community
RVCA was established to promote the genuine authenticity of the arts and the sport subcultures we support.


Another year is in the books for the 13-time Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and Hall of Famer, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida. In 2019 Buchecha more than cemented his legacy by taking home double gold in his weight class and the absolute division at the IBJJF World Championship.
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RVCA Uluwatu

RVCA is proud to announce the recent opening of its third Indonesian retail concept space in Uluwatu, Bali on Jalan Labuansait. This marks an exciting accomplishment for the brand opening its first concept space in the Bukit region of Bali.

The store represents the brand ethos of ‘The Balan