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Welcome Barron Mamiya | RVCA Surf

RVCA is proud to announce the addition of Barron Mamiya to its surf roster.

Some are groomed for this from birth; some have to earn it. For Barron, there were no handouts. He first paddled out at Pipe at age 9. Fighting for scraps, he packed closeouts -- not for fame, but for fun. Today, at age 19, Barron is one of the most well-rounded surfers in the world. Mixing x-factor surfing with power, he has the ability to compete and dominate at the most dangerous waves in the world, which has drawn much media attention. Barron's story is unique, as he surfs with passion and purpose. His goals are set and his journey is just beginning, and RVCA is thrilled to be along for the ride. 

Photo by Zak Noyle

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