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Artist Network Program | ANP Archive

Looking back at past ANP art stories and exhibitions through a series of video re-issues

Melissa Grisancich | Spring-Time

'Spring-Time' is an annual women's group show curated by Australian ANP Artist Melissa Grisancich. Featuring a collection of works from nineteen female artists, creating the works they are the most deeply driven to make in their chosen medium. These works consisted of painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, needlecraft and print with artists contributing from Victoria, New South Wales & South Australia, to Japan and Denmark. Grisancich's hope was to celebrate those who came before, and who will come after by bringing together a community of her own at the RVCA Corner Gallery.

Alexis Ross | Video Portrait by Aaron Rose

Alexis Ross is a Los Angeles-based production designer who works in several media including set design, nude portraiture, and playin’ potsey down on the nickel. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. He is the co-owner of Cafe Legs #1-5, Vice President of Scattergoods Swim Club and an avid bathhouse chef.

Ed Templeton | 'Common Side Effects | 2015

ANP Artist Ed Templeton’s exhibition at the Huntington Beach Art Center was an expansive survey of the artist’s work from the last several years to present. The show featured some of his most iconic pictures, paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces spread throughout the space in Templeton’s dynamic installation style. Dominating the show were his “Teenage Kissers,” “The Seconds Pass,” “Wires Crossed” and “Huntington Beach” series, which is an ongoing look into his backyard’s beach culture and suburban sprawl.


Ricky Lee Gordon | 2016

Take a look into the artwork and inspiration of ANP Artist Ricky Lee Gordon as he brings meaning to the communities who live near his murals; representing ideas that everyone can identify with and be inspired by.

"I find that personal resonance allows for a true connection and true inspiration, therefore art has the power to manifest and effect with in another being, and that is truly beautiful. So in essence I guess, I am trying to create beauty in my work that allows for beauty in other people."

Art in the Streets | 2011 

Several RVCA ANP artists contributed to the exhibition, which ran from APR 17, 2011 – AUG 8, 2011. Just prior to the show's closing, the RVCA staff was graciously given a private guided tour of Art In The Streets by then-director of MOCA, Jeffrey Deitch and ANP Quarterly Editor, Aaron Rose. With so many RVCA ANP contributors in the show, it was an amazing opportunity to see their work displayed on a stage of this scale.

Artist Network Program